What you will learn?

  • Learn how to make beautiful designs from scratch.

  • Learn how to avoid making mistakes when designing with Canva

  • Free access to exclusive community to keep the continuous learning

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Course Outline

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

    • What Is Canva?

  • 02

    Canva Overview

    • How to Create An Account

    • How to Search and Find Content to Start Designing

    • 10 minutes Canva Overview

  • 03

    Let's Begin Using Canva

    • Using Templates

    • How to Custom Size a Template

    • How to Personalize a Template

    • How to Save and Share A Template

    • Brand Kit set up

  • 04


    • How to create a design

    • How to edit designs

    • How to share designs

    • How to save your designs

    • How to design a poster

    • How to design a flyer

    • Text effects

  • 05

    Organizing your designs

    • How to save designs

    • How to create a new folder

    • How to Save Designs in Folders

  • 06

    Managing Photos

    • How to Upload a Photo

    • Why Use Photos in Your Graphic Designs

  • 07

    Creating and Editing Techniques

    • How to Edit, Resize, and Duplicate Elements

    • How to design a logo

    • Curved text

  • 08

    Publishing and Downloading Your Creation

    • Why Plan Ahead

    • How to Download, Share, and Post on Social Media

    • How to schedule with Canva content planner

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Contributors to this course:

Laura Kreutzer is a social media marketing enthusiast. Her area of interest is content management. She is proficient in Canva and WordPress. She is certified in email marketing and social media marketing.

Laura Kreutzer

Social Media Content and Community Manager

Contributors to this course:

Brimming over with creativity, a zest for knowledge, and a passion to help others, Tina has spent over 10 years working to create positive change in her community. As a connector with a high level of emotional intelligence, she has collaborated with internal teams and community partners to share best practices and actionable steps for improvement in organizational processes. Bringing insight, discipline, and a distinct point-of-view, she has sought to identify and tackle process challenges and implement solutions to improve existing processes with the use of metrics reporting and Kaizen principles. In her free time, she enjoys reading books about astrophysics, watching football and learning about emerging technology related to artificial intelligence. She is currently pursuing her interests in Digital marketing and coding.

Tina Brint

Salesforce Digital Marketing Consultant